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About Efrah

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Empowerment for Rehabilitation Academic & Health (EFRAH) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered in 1999 with a mission “to work for the holistic development of people living in dehumanized and deprived situation in the society without any discrimination, caste, creed and religion”. EFRAH believes in the basic capacities of people to develop as useful citizens capable of managing their affairs and contributing towards the development of community with active participation of people with exhaustive Education, Vocational Training, Self Help Group formation, Micro Finance, RCH programme, HIV/Aids and Adolescents development programme. is ongoing in Sriniwaspuri, Okhla Vegetable Market & railway station, Madanpur Khadar Resettlement Colony and Jaitpur, Dakshin Puri, 84 MCD schools of central and west zone in Delhi and in Auraiya and Etawah Districts of Uttar Pradesh.

EFRAH started in 1997 and came in legal existence on 17th March 1999 through getting Registration under registration of society’s 21 act of 1860 and its Registration No. S-34553 in Delhi (India). Registered under Foreign contribution registration act 6(1) (a), registration No. 231660324 and registered the Income tax act of 80G and under the 12.

EFRAH believes that Rights are inalienable. EFRAH has been advocating for establishing rights based and is working for having staff and women’s entitlement to the resources to make economically self-reliant. As we believe that practice is better than precept, some specific policies has been laid down for our organization to be followed at both levels both in our office and field activities, at the Head office and regional project offices. Though we have been practicing and following the policy informally, we feel that a proper and specific articulation of Gender, HR, Child protection and Procurement policies would further strengthen our position with regard to equity.


To build a society based on promoting socio economic justice, social sensitivity and empowering deprived group in manner that they become self-reliant and work collectively for social change.


EFRAH an NGO, was established in 1999 and was registered as a society in February 1999. EFRAH is committed to work for the holistic development of the people, living in dehumanized and deprived condition in the society, without any discrimination caste, creed and religion.


EFRAH will make a positive difference in the lives of resettled, migrated and others in the project area by…….

  • Delivering services
  • Engaging in Advocacy
  • Enabling non violence conflict resolution awareness

Facilitating community education that will promote and foster non discrimination, caste, creed, non violence, understanding and corporation in order to achieve mutual respect, inclusiveness, harmonious relation and effective participation in the community


  • To promote and quality education to children who are socially and economically deprived.
  • To eliminate social and cultural discrimination that limits the demand for girl’s education.
  • To promote human dignity and awareness of duties and right.
  • To undertake activities for accelerating social reform through educational economic upliftment.
  • To extend and access corporation from likeminded individuals associated with different organizations, to advocate & network for social issues.
  • To extend academic and organizational support foe establishment of educational institutions in backward area.
  • To promote and support community health action through voluntary as well as governmental initiatives.
  • To educate people on the various aspects of self employment, encourage and assist in linking with different financial institution to establish their own means of employment


EFRAH is premier organization committed to the sustainable and strengthening of child, adolescences girls, women, family and community. EFRAH also work towards networking, strengthening alliances and building partnership with national and international organization with mutual compatible so as to accomplish its objectives.


EFRAH is committed to providing sound quality services which empower our clients, catering to their needs in a caring and welcoming environment that builds on their own strength and experiences. We learned from our experiences, set higher benchmarks for our services and share best practices with our partners, communities and funders.

EFRAH is a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals who believe in an inclusive, just society that recognizes promotes, respect, and values diversity.

We strive for continuous development and empowerment of relevant, meaningful and efficient services for our clients and communities. Through continuous collection analysis of information we achieve plans and processes that are creatively implemented, regularly monitored and carefully evaluated.

Our collective leadership provides vision, direction and opportunities through role modeling, encouraging a sense of ownership and accountability. Our straight resides in a system which reflect our own diversity, genuine understanding of our clients and efficient, relationships with our stakeholders and build mutual trust which the communities we serve.


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