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Vocational Training Course

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The objective was to increase the vocational skills of women and girl’s .The act of the organization to involve such youth, women and adolescent girls will take initiative to earn and support their family. The implementation process of the project is totally based on the community participation.

Cutting & Tailoring And Embroidery Course

In this year we enrolled 100 adolescence girls/ women in the vocational course of two batches and the duration of the course is one year. EFRAH provide free of cost training to the beneficiaries. The basic concept of this, to join the vocational center and learn through the specific course. Except the vocational course content some other issues take place in the centre like gender, health awareness, domestic violence, harassment at working place and HIV/AIDS awareness etc.

Beauty Culture Course

100 girls have been enrolled under the beauty cultural programme, these group divided into four batches and the duration of the each course six months.  All the material was given by EFRAH and provided to them free of cost. Only thing they have to do is to take the initiative to join in and after take initiative to empower themselves to support their family.  Adolescent’s girls and women have started earning RS.2000 to 4000/- at the moment work at beauty parlour and start own small parlour in the area.  EFRAH support the beneficiaries to find the job in adjacent area.

Computer Training Course

We are providing computer training for adolescent’s girls and boys.  The program is designed to encourage and develop technology skills, critical thinking and collaboration among the learners through effective community based education, propagated by successful models of learning.  We have 60 students (boys and girls) for computer training.

Cooking And Child Care Course

This is a six-monthly course for women who are involved in domestic child care and cooking profession. EFRAH is giving training to these women on all these aspects so that they can be best child career and good cook. During the period there were 70 women were complete the course. . 40 Out of these 70 beneficiaries have taken the initiative to already earn and support their families by domestic helper, child care, crèches and aganwadi worker.


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