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Reproductive And Child Health (Rch-ii)

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The second Reproductive and child health (RCH) project for India will help reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity, lower fertility and the rate of population growth through expending the use of essential RCH services.

We have running the project of reproductive and child health programme II since October 2007 till now. In collaboration with SOSVA in Dakshinpuri area of South Delhi. The areas which we are covering in Dakshinpuri area are F, G, H, and Sanjay Camp (which has 2 blocks- A & B)

Reproductive child health programme provided the services for preventive, curative and health promotion of the women and children with special focus on adolescent girls. Information on Care of the child, its nutrition, immunization, importance of breastfeeding, weaning, how and when to start solids, and how to give home cooked food to the children and what all can be given to them are all the information provided to the women and young girls in the community

Goal Of The Project

To improve the ANC and PNC status, institutional deliveries and immunization status of the community through RCH services

We provided the following services under RCH project

  • we running the RCH clinic for ANC (Ante-natal care)and PNC (post- natal care) and adolescent girls
  • We distributed Iron and folic acid tablet for adolescent girls and women to control the anemia as well as provided nutritional guidance.
  • We organized weekly OPD for adolescent girls and women to sort out the problem.
  • we provided family planning services to the target area
  • Improving institutional deliveries from 39% to more than 50%.
  • we provided medical services for adolescent girls and pregnant women
  • we supported to sterilization of the men and women
  • we increase community awareness of basic reproductive and child health issues
  • RCH staff organized youth and adolescent meeting with their respective area
  • We provided RTI/STI services for adolescent girls and women
  • Developing health seeking behavior of the community people.
  • Strengthening of the referral system of health care institution
  • Reduced maternal mortality rate 30% to 50% in our target area

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